GE Healthcare Research

At GE Healthcare, we believe that ideas, when coupled with rigorous research, can drive the innovation required to solve the challenging healthcare needs of today and tomorrow.

Our scientists and engineers are committed to an expansive research program whether working alone or in partnership with a network of academic collaborators.

Research collaborations between academic researchers and industry are essential in helping to understand unmet clinical needs and in developing appropriate technology solutions to address those needs; ultimately resulting in better patient care and outcomes.

The research portfolio at GE Healthcare spans from early phase, basic discovery research through product development and sponsored clinical trials for regulatory clearance. Post market research includes developing evidence to support acceptance of new technologies and practices and to drive clinical adoption and development of practice guidelines through expansion of existing intended uses and indications for use. Investigator sponsored research projects are a large and important component of GE’s research portfolio.

Working together, we can develop solutions to unmet clinical needs. We invite you to learn more about our research process, who we are, and to contact us to discuss opportunities to collaborate.

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