Maintain, Plan, Perform

iCenter is an online asset maintenance and management software. It provides data and analytics on asset status, location, maintenance history, utilization and planning.



Click and know.

Powerful asset analytics at your fingertips.

iCenter was developed to enable data driven decisions and improved operational results in healthcare. iCenter provides reporting and analytics on what happened last year, last month, last week and what is happening this morning. With iCenter, you are empowered to ask better questions.

  • Maintenance is the important foundation. Be confident that GE service is delivering timely, high quality, planned and corrective maintenance.
  • Planning for new technology, or to retire certain assets, or levels of service coverage necessitates relevant data. iCenter is the primary source for asset management planning data.
  • Performance can be improved with the knowledge of how asset are currently being utilized. iCenter utilization reporting provides machine information about physician referral patterns, types of procedures and the time required to complete various procedures. It also provides an external benchmark.

Consider the thousands of imaging and biomedical devices under your control.
What if you could …

  • Access the service history of each one – planned and corrective maintenance, uptime, and contract status – with just a click?
  • Identify utilization and performance patterns at the facility, category, and unit level … and create graphical trend reports in minutes?
  • Analyze all your service contracts for optimization opportunities?
  • Monitor maintenance and service requests at a glance?  And get alerts on critical units you specify?

Now you can improve your operational performance by discovering and acting upon maintenance and planning opportunities …
with iCenter from GE Healthcare.

By providing a window into the status of your imaging and biomedical fleet, iCenter supports healthcare asset management with data to help you:

  • Optimize equipment utilization and uptime
  • Manage equipment lifecycle for greater ROI
  • Control costs and improve capital planning
  • Ensure planned maintenance compliance


Easy to use

One platform.

A world of asset information.

Standard with every GE Healthcare service agreement, iCenter is your single source for inventory, service, compliance, and utilization information on your entire imaging and biomedical fleet:

  • Data from GE-maintained systems flows automatically into iCenter
  • Data from systems not under GE maintenance can be entered into iCenter

The result is a consolidated view that brings together maintenance and service histories, contract information, utilization metrics, and other data – from multiple departments and multiple facilities -- in one, easy to use tool.

Utilization data: With the data and reports available through iCenter, you can gain valuable insights into the utilization and workload of your diagnostic imaging assets. This information can help you make strategic decisions about workflow, protocol optimization, marketing outreach, equipment location, and staffing.

Benchmarking data: iCenter also gives you access to proprietary performance and lifecycle data from the four million assets serviced by GE Healthcare. This is the ideal way to benchmark your experience against peer groups.

No more struggling with manual records, separate databases, and incomplete information. No need to wonder if there’s a more efficient way to manage your assets, given your patient volume and inventory size. With iCenter, the data you need is delivered right to your desktop.



Co-designed with users.

Personalized by you.


iCenter has always been a powerhouse of asset analytics.  Now it’s remarkably easy to use with a redesigned interface that reflects input from iCenter customers around the world.

The result is an Internet application that combines the intuitive navigation of the best consumer websites with the healthcare data and analytical tools you need to accomplish your goals.

Practical. Flexible. Secure.

And future-ready.


iCenter is designed to meet the daily needs of biomedical managers, technologists, clinicians, department supervisors, and executives. Whether initiating a service request, analyzing a maintenance history, or planning for capital expenditures, iCenter makes your job easier.

Anytime access to iCenter: 

  • 24/7 availability
  • Secured and updated information
  • Contact GE to request service

Plus, the cloud-based design minimizes IT requirements and provides a conduit for continuous upgrades to iCenter functionality and applications. Moving forward, we see iCenter expanding in capability to become a hub for an even wider range of operational metrics to support your organization’s clinical, operational, and financial objectives.

iCenter is provided at no additional charge for all GE Healthcare service agreement customers, and your organization can begin taking advantage of iCenter informatics right away.

To learn more about iCenter, contact your GE Healthcare sales or service representative.

Home in on critical data. Live tiles on the home screen function as shortcuts and can be customized to your needs. Personalize your home page with the metrics that matter most to you—even setup alerts—so the information you want is always front and center.

Go deep effortlessly. Highlight a device in the list view and a pop-up screen details its complete history, from acquisition to the latest maintenance. You easily can search inventory by category, date, and other filters to get the view you want—and then save it for easy recall.


Save time with interactive reporting. GE Healthcare’s exclusive interactive analysis capability enables you to interrogate data to any level and easily create high-impact graphical reports for capital planning, utilization analysis, benchmarking, and other uses.

Video Demo

The New iCenter
One click to healthcare asset management.

The redesigned iCenter.  Enhanced user experience.  Customizable home page.  Built-in analytics.
Watch the demos below!

iCenter Asset Management
Beginning in 2014, iCenter software will be reintroduced with a completely updated user experience. iCenter will continue to be a source for asset management data and analytics. iCenter is included with your service agreement and offers features and values for maintenance, planning and performance initiatives.
iCenter Asset Management Demo (3.34)





iCenter Software
Navigating through iCenter is intended to be fast and easy to learn. One of the design goals was to place the information you need, only one click away. This is accomplished with the use of standardized grid views and “tiles.” The tiles can be positioned on your iCenter home page. Searching, sorting, filtering, printing, exporting, sharing and more are all included and consistently available for equipment, contracts or service activity views.
iCenter Software Demo (2.51)




iCenter Reporting
Having the data is important. iCenter provides not only the data, but also provides an integrated tool for analysis and reporting. The ability to visualize the data is becoming essential as the amount of data from machines and enterprise systems merge. Use the data and insights gathered to make decisions and monitor progress.
iCenter Reporting Demo (3.16)

Link to iCenter

Maintain, Plan, Perform

Welcome to iCenter

When you access your iCenter account you will be provided with data and analytics on asset status, location, maintenance history, utilization and planning.  iCenter is a standard feature of your GE service agreement. 

Your organization can begin taking advantage of iCenter informatics right away.*

To begin click the link below.

iCenter will work with any browser, but responds best using Google Chrome.

  • Enter your SSO ID & Password.
  • Select the option "Log In To A Shared Computer".
  • Be sure to bookmark this link as one of your favorites
    after you have successfully entered the site.

Learn more about iCenter by viewing the introductory videos or
contact us at

  *To find out if your organization has access to iCenter please contact us at