Simplify Asset Management

An enterprise-wide computer asset management solution that helps biomedical managers make data-driven decisions.

AssetPlus helps efficiently manage thousands of assets

Operations Management

Optimize your operations

AssetPlus™ is an enterprise-wide, online Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) application designed to assist healthcare managers manage clinical and non-clinical assets throughout their service life.

AssetPlus is designed to help extend the life of your equipment, reduce downtime, enhance efficiency and maintain compliance by tracking service activity throughout the lifecycle of each device. Using the comprehensive system-wide asset data, you can make decisions about maintenance and service contracts, workflow protocols and training, and make recommendations on equipment replacement to hospital administration for capital planning purposes with greater confidence.

Asset Management

Manage data for all assets in your organization in one convenient place including lifecycles, utilization, downtime, and service and repair history.

Preventive Maintenance Management

Help extend the lifecycle of your assets by tracking and following OEM-recommended preventive maintenance guidelines for all your assets.

Service Contract Management

Manage all your hospital system’s service level agreements and maintenance contracts in one place.

Workflow Management

View and create work orders for corrective repairs and preventive maintenance with AssetPlus, which then automatically dispatches jobs to help more efficiently manage workflow.

Inventory Management

Track inventory levels for parts and automatically generate purchase orders based on pre-determined needs to help speed up inventory management, reduce overhead and ensure the right parts are available when you need them.

Staff Empowerment

Empower Your Staff

By consolidating and managing the data for all your hospital systems in one place, AssetPlus gives your staff the information they need to aid them in performing their jobs more efficiently and with greater satisfaction. It streamlines workflow and helps you match jobs with staff based on training and knowledge base.

Streamline Workflow

View and create work orders for preventive maintenance and service repairs in AssetPlus, which then automatically dispatches jobs.

Improve Efficiency

Help eliminate wasted time tracking down maintenance records, training records, or ordering parts that are out of stock.

Track Training and Competency

AssetPlus tracks staff competency and training by asset to identify opportunities for staff education and development, maintenance compliance and to ensure jobs are dispatched according to necessary knowledge base.

Risk Management

Keep Your Critical Assets Available

AssetPlus gives you the information you need to help prevent downtime or unplanned replacement of critical assets. With a complete real-time digital record of all assets throughout your system and the data and documentation that goes with each asset, you can make decisions that will help reduce the risk of unplanned interruption to patient care and workflow caused by part or equipment failure.

Equipment Library

AssetPlus, serves as a comprehensive library of all your clinical and non-clinical assets in one location. At any time, you can easily see detailed information about each asset including age, maintenance schedules, service activity and utilization.

Paperless document management

AssetPlus digitally stores documents pertaining to each asset in one location for easy access anytime, anywhere.

Multiple digital signatures

The digital signatures feature provides traceability for work order reports.  

Compliance Transparency

Real-time asset tracking including preventive maintenance and staff training helps ensure compliance transparency.

Business Intelligence

Make decisions with confidence

AssetPlus’ Business Intelligence Advanced Module extends the benefits of AssetPlus beyond the engineering and technical departments to hospital management. It seamlessly interfaces with all your hospital system’s financial and ERP systems and transforms thousands of records into useful, actionable information for executives and strategic planners. Using the Business Intelligence Advanced Module, hospital administrators can more easily analyze data against Key Performance Indicators and more confidently plan for capital spending.

Consolidated Data

All of a hospital system’s asset-related data is in one place eliminating the need for spreadsheets or to learn another software system.

Simplified Reporting

AssetPlus provides clear, easy-to-read reports on utilization and demand, uptime, maintenance records, parts inventories, service level agreements, and maintenance costs in real time.

Easy Analysis

With a clean, user-friendly dashboard, Business Intelligence Advance Module helps make data analysis faster and easier.

Confident Capital Planning

With all asset-related data in one place and easy-to-read and analyze reports, you can be more confident in making decisions about capital spending and strategic planning

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