Hands-on training courses to enhance your knowledge and competencies

  • Learn with hands-on experience on systems
  • Opportunity to learn directly from a subject matter expert in the medical field
  • Training provided in more than 80 countries in GE Education Academy and Mobile training centers
  • Around 120 classrooms courses delivered every year
  • More than 10,000 customers trained every year

Immersion ™

Acquire in-depth diagnostic Shadow an expert from a world class medical center

  • Education from an experienced healthcare professional
  • Share best practices
  • Learn new methods such as positioning, screening procedures, protocols and techniques
  • Be exposed to the very latest healthcare practices

At your location

Get trained in your own environment and on your own equipment

  • Gives you an opportunity to learn and create solutions to real issues at the same time
  • Reduces mobility costs
  • Enables powerful skill mastery on your own GE equipment
  • More than 150 clinical education specialists delivering high quality onsite training

TiP-Ed Online ℠

More than 200 online programs designed to support Radiologic Technologists in their quest for professional development

  • Fast registration and easy content search
  • Flexibility to create your own learning plan
  • Print certificate anytime upon successful program completion
  • Access leadership courses in addition to clinical courses

®Live Expert

A live web connection with a world renowned expert

  • Learn from renowned clinical experts
  • Share expertise and discuss complex cases
  • Build your network
  • Maximum knowledge in minimum time
  • Self-Paced Content