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X-ray department is a key one in the hospital, accounting for a majority of imaging procedures, and you are asked to do more with less.

Additionally, technology evolves very quickly but you don’t necessarily have the budget to be ahead of the game.

Thanks to our upgrade program, you can benefit today from the latest GE product innovations, without having to change your X-ray equipment. This asset optimization allows you to boost your system performance with a limited investment, for today and tomorrow.

X-Ray Sytems Digitalization

X-ray systems digitalization

Digitalize your radiology department thanks to a new digital panel solution, adapted to your needs

Advanced Applications

You can upgrade your GE radiographic equipment with our advanced clinical applications: get access to areas of uncertainties, helping you uncover information previously hidden within conventional 2D radiographic imaging.


Provides multiple images of the anatomy in a single sweep at a low dose, including chest, abdomen, extremities and spine.
Virtually remove overlying structures, enabling better visualization of the anatomy from front to back.
Reconstruction of data displays a set of images parallel to the detector panel; enabling you to display coronal images of interest.
7.5x increase in lung nodule sensitivity for nodules between 4mm and 6mm diameter vs. standard X-Ray at less than 0.10 mSv.

Dual Energy Subtraction

Acquire multiple images within milliseconds at different energy levels.
Process and view the image as a standard radiographic image, an image with bones “subtracted,” and an image of just the bones to highlight foreign objects or calcified structures.

Auto Image Paste

Acquire multiple images in one fast, seamless, highly automated exam.
Receive automatic stitching of the acquired images in a single composite image.
Perform these exams at either the wallstand or the table.

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