Get a better view when post processing ultrasound datasets. Using the integrated 4D View application, you can manipulate and analyze volumes of Voluson and LOGIQ data within ViewPoint.

Utilize 3D/4D raw data processing off-line at a workstation, freeing your ultrasound system to help improve workflow. Generate 3D datasets form ultrasound systems that send DICOM multiframe. 4D View is fully integrated with the ViewPoint 6 patient record, so your patient information is in one location (a stand-alone version of 4D View is also available for Voluson systems only).

Help streamline your workflow. Help extend your clinical capability. Help improve your diagnostic confidence.

Your system’s functionality is available in 4D View:

  • Reconstruct any plane
  • Create rendered images
  • Add measurements and annotations
  • Diagnostic support including:
    • STIC – Spatio-temporal Image correlation
    • SonoAVC* – Sonography-based Automated Volume Count
    • SonoNT* – Sonography-based Nuchal Translucency
    • SonoVCAD* – Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display
    • SRI – Speckle Reduction Imaging