Liver image showing the portal vein

Grey scale image of the IVC

B-mode image of the kidney

B-mode image of the liver with hepatic veins


4 chamber view of the adult heart with color flow

M-mode image of the heart – 3Sc-RS probe

PLAX view of the adult heart

PSAX view of the heart


4 chamber view of the fetal heart

Right ovarian lesion seen with E8C-RS probe

B-mode image of the fetal bladder seen with 4C-RS probe

Umbilical artery Doppler spectrum

Transvaginal image with E8C-RS probe showing GS with a large Yolk sac

TColor flow image of the fetal heart and aorta

TM-mode image of the fetal heart

TV view of the uterus with pathology

Color flow image of the fetal aortic arch with branching

Fetal profile with 4C-RS probe

Small Parts and Vascular

PW Doppler spectrum of the Brachial artery

Blood flow in the Testis seen with Power Doppler

Scrotal scan with the L6-12-RS probe

Color Flow image of the Carotid

Colloid nodule in the thyroid

Virtual convex on L6-12-RS probe showing a colloid nodule in the thyroid

Thyroid lesions seen with L6-12-RS probe

LOGIQ View image of he thyroid with the L6-12–RS probe



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