The affordability and mobility of the new generation of the OEC Brivo C-arm has the ability to transform healthcare in private practices and rural hospitals simply by increasing access to quality mobile imaging.

The familiar interface of the OEC Brivo Plus makes working, maneuvering, and connecting easy and productive— even for less familiar technicians.

The OEC Brivo Plus easily brings images into sharp focus using intelligent point-and shoot technology.

Your staff needs a C-arm that consistently delivers dependable and accurate results in real time. OEC Brivo Plus is backed by an industry leader and an outstanding service support team. Delivering the protection and peace of mind you need for your routine procedures.

GE Healthcare OEC Brivo Plus C ArmGE Healthcare OEC Brivo Plus C ArmGE Healthcare OEC Brivo Plus C Arm

OEC Advantage


GE Healthcare OEC Brivo Plus C Arm

The affordability and maneuverability of the OEC Brivo Plus makes it the perfect choice for your streamlined surgical environment or physician’s office, adding simplicity and clarity to your imaging capabilities 

  • Proven and familiar OEC interface allows confident operation 
  • Automated features, including true point-and-shoot capability can help improve productivity
  • Small and maneuverable thanks to advancements in steering and construction 
  • SMART options – SmartMetal, AutoTrak and AutoWindow will help perfect your technique in more challenging situations 
  • Low dose features to help you get the right image at the right dose


The clinically versatile OEC Brivo Plus promises features to help add to your mobile surgical imaging capabilities.

  • 1k x 1k high resolution imaging technology from a fully digital image processing system
  • 9” Image Intensifier provides high spatial resolution
  • Carbon fiber grid reduces scatter radiation effect while improving image detail
  • User interface with touch screen can help reduce procedure time and improve efficiency
  • Advanced connectivity including wireless DICOM and MPPS
  • Data protection including a UPS to protect patient data


  • The OEC Brivo Plus is a basic a 9” C-arm 
  • Image Intesifier mobile C-arm 40kHz high frequency generator 
  • 2.2kW monoblock 
  • Stationary anode with dual focal spot 
  • kVp range 40-110 
  • Monochrome 19” monitors 
  • Preview, Normal, Low Dose and High Level Fluoro and Pulsed modes 
  • CD/DVD, USB and Integrated DICOM storage options


GE Healthcare OEC Brivo Plus C Arm Brilliant

Brilliant. The right image at the right dose.

We know how important it is to help clinicians get the right image at the right dose in mobile surgical imaging. That's why we developed Brilliant.

Brilliant is a comprehensive program designed to help reduce operator dose long term through education, tools and improved dose management. Here are a few ways to get started: 

  • Contact us to learn more about C-arm Radiation Safety Training. 


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