The logical step to digital radiography

The Proteus XR/f digital radiography system lets you image any patient who comes in the door – economically, with confidence and clarity. With its versatile and robust floor-mounted design, you can perform a wide range of dose-efficient radiographic exams, from head to toe, on patients of all sizes, ages, and degrees of mobility.

  • Simplify your transition to digital with the durable Konica Minolta AeroDR wireless detectors and highly intuitive controls
  • Make exams easy for your staff and comfortable for patients with the Proteus XR/f ergonomic design
  • Easily fit the system in your facility with its compact footprint and multiple input power options.
  • Proteus XR/f also comes backed by a local GE service team you know and trust and
    dedicated training programs to help smooth the transition with expert support.

The H.R.2029 Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016 was signed into law on December 18, 2015. Section 502 of title V Medicare and Medicaid Provisions creates a Medicare payment incentive for the transition from traditional X-ray imaging to digital radiography and other Medicare imaging payment provisions. Download our policy overview to deepen your understanding of the law and how it is going to impact your X-ray department.

This page is intended for US Healthcare Professionals only. Proteus XR/f is not available outside the US. Product availability is country-specific and is subject to regulatory requirements.


Image anyone with ease and comfort
Now a single digital x-ray room accommodates nearly all your radiographic studies. With extended tube coverage and wireless detectors, Proteus XR/f gives you full flexibility to image patients on the table, at the wall stand, or elsewhere in the room.

Fit your facility easily and affordably
The compact, floor-mounted design and range of power options enable simple, economical siting in a variety of environments, including hospitals, outpatient clinics and imaging centers, urgent care and orthopedic centers, and physician’s offices.

Acquire high-quality, dose-efficient images
Get consistent image quality and optimize dose with the proven, robust Konica Minolta Aero DR cesium iodide wireless flat-panel detectors.

Make exams easy for patients and staff
The Proteus XR/f is incredibly easy to use. It is so intuitive that operators familiar with analog or digital X-ray systems can walk right up and get to work. Ergonomic design and easy patient positioning make exams nearly effortless.

Get expert service you can trust
Proteus XR/f comes backed by a local GE service team with a proven record of prompt response, accurate diagnosis and fast, definitive repairs – so you can expect high uptime and uninterrupted patient care.

Stay sharp with training and clinical education
Effective imaging requires clinicians with the knowledge and skills to use the Proteus XR/f system and other GE technologies to their full potential. GE Healthcare offers numerous clinical and applications training options, on site and online, to fit your needs and schedule. Bring your team up to speed quickly, keep up with new advanced applications, train up new hires, provide refreshers for existing staff, and provide continuing education credits, all with minimal impact on patient flow.


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The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016 includes Medicare/Medicaid provisions to
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