Digitize away some of your toughest X-ray challenges.

Slow image processing. Wasted time and resources. Throughput bottlenecks. Long patient waits. Limited exam capacity. Radiation dose. Whether you use AR or CR, a quick, easy upgrade to GE’s digital Brivo XR118 solution helps you address these issues, with a modern wireless system that gives you the potential to X-ray more patients faster, easier, smarter—and more affordably.  

  • Multiply your patient capacity and your imaging speed. 
  • Cut X-ray ownership costs. 
  • See clear details with less dose.

Technologist's Benefits

Multiply your patient capacity and your imaging speed.

Providing fast image preview and delivering images to the PACS quickly, Brivo XR118 can help you cut steps from your process and makes every step faster. You have the potential to see results sooner, grow capacity, reduce bottlenecks, support staff efficiency - and reduce patient waiting time for diagnosis and treatment.

All the speed you need.

  • Get fast mobile data access moving from room to room or building to building with the easy-to-use tablet interface to preview, process, and transfer images. In less than 5 seconds image preview lets you instantly evaluate image quality. But that’s not all. Ensure patient files are properly labeled at the start of the exam and throughout the entire workflow to help you minimize errors later on. And make images available immediately to emergency department physicians and radiologists is easy via your PACS.

Performance meets endurance

  • Power a full day’s exams on a single battery charge—for up to 250 images at 50 images per hour. Recharge the battery in just 3 hours—or easily slot in the spare battery to keep right on imaging.  
  • Image 1500 patients with two images per patient per exam without manually archiving examinations, or fly through memory-intensive exams non-stop with the workstation’s 3,000-image onboard storage capacity.

Faster, fewer steps.

  • Position the wireless detector with maximum ease, flexibility, and freedom, thanks to its thin, lightweight design. Delete three workflow steps per exposure by eliminating CR cassette transport and processing. Also eliminate the wasted time and hassle of hauling multiple heavy CR cassettes long distances between the CR reader and the mobile X-ray unit during routine rounds. And trim up to 10 minutes off critical wait times for severely injured trauma patients by eliminating film developing or CR image reading.

    Hospital's Benefits

    Cut X-ray ownership costs.

    With its universal detector, flexible Auto-Sensing technology, and elimination of analog films, fixers & developers, and imaging plates (IP), Brivo XR118 is a smart, affordable investment that delivers excellent return well into the future.

    Trim costs all-around.

    • Eliminate the expense, time and inconvenience of changing costly CR IPs every 10,000 images, and save on variable costs by eliminating the analog films, fixers & developers needed for traditional AR imaging. 
    • The detector’s Auto-Sensing function automatically detects X-rays within standard clinical exposure ranges with good accuracy, so a digital image of the X-ray can be acquired without physical connection to the RAD system generator.  
    • Fast, same-day non-invasive installation with Auto-Sensing technology gets your system up and running quickly, minimizes downtime and lost business, and helps you avoid service responsibility conflicts.

    Build your legacy on ours.

    • GE’s 125 years in imaging—with decades of experience in X-ray alone—means you’re doing business with a proven company in a relationship you can count on to last. Brivo XR118 will help keep your best people loyal and happy, and attract new ones with the lure of working with the latest X-ray technology and equipment.

    One universal solution.

    • Avoid added expense and make the very most of your investment by sharing one universal detector among most of your fixed and mobile X-ray systems, both GE and non-GE. With its 14” x 17” detector—the size of a standard cassette holder—it fits easily in traditional X-ray system buckys. 
    • Use Brivo XR118 anywhere in the hospital—Auto-Sensing technology makes Brivo XR118 ready to use in the X-ray room or mobile units immediately with no additional configuring required.

    Clinical benefits

    See clear details with less dose.

    Typically using less dose than CR, Brivo XR118 delivers clear images with fine diagnostic detail. So radiologists can provide faster, more confident diagnoses. And administrators can more easily satisfy patients with enhanced care.