The Giraffe* shuttle allows you to provide seamless care, from one environment to another. The Shuttle is a portable power source that connects to GE Healthcare’s Giraffe* family you currently work with. It supplies electrical power to the bed and other auxiliary equipment, as well as provisions for medical gas management.

The Giraffe* Shuttle facilitates the mobility of these beds within a hospital building, reducing the potential for clinical problems associated with intra-hospital transport that result from interrupted patient thermalregulation and intrahospital transport.


Provide continuity of care for your smallest patients.

The Giraffe* Shuttle is designed to maximize your ability to provide a safe, stable environment when transporting infants from one hospital care area to another. Among the benefits the Giraffe* Shuttle provides:

Simpler, safer infant transport - no bulletted format is needed
With Giraffe* Shuttle, you no longer need to move babies to and from a transport incubator. By eliminating the need to transfer a baby from bed to bed, the Giraffe* Shuttle, in combination with the Giraffe* or Panda* bed, helps reduce the potential for clinical problems that can result from interrupted patient thermal regulation, patient touch, handling, and movement—all of which potentially challenge physiological stability.

Broad compatibility with your care environment
Designed to maximize your investment, the Giraffe* Shuttle can power various accessories and auxiliary equipment. When paired with existing Giraff* and Panda* iRes beds, Giraffe Shuttle extends the use of these products while potentially improving intra-hospital transport outcomes.

Greater maneuverability
The Giraffe* Shuttle connects smoothly with any Giraffe* or Panda* bed. Its slim silhouette is designed to make It is easier for you to steer the bed in tight spaces, through doorways, down hallways, and around corners.

Greater workflow efficiency
In addition to all of its clinical advantages, the Giraffe* Shuttle can help save time spent on transferring a baby from one bed to another and cleaning those beds.

Greater peace of mind
The Giraffe* Shuttle supports the One Baby, One Bed concept originally introduced with the Giraffe* OmniBed to extend to the intra-hospital movement of the baby. Knowing that babies can now be supported fully in the Giraffe* or Panda* bed, even when moving through the hospital, provides greater peace of mind for caregivers and parents.


Designed to meet your infant care needs.

Every aspect of the Giraffe* Shuttle is designed to help you provide the best infant care possible, while maximizing your healthcare investment.

Longer battery life
The Giraffe* Shuttle offers up to 45 minutes and 365 cycles of electrical power to Giraffe* or Panda* beds and compatible accessories, allowing you to transport infants safely within a hospital building. Battery indicators provide guidance on the time remaining on a single charge, as well as the life of the batteries.

Auxillary support
The Giraffe* Shuttle can support the power needs of the Giraffe* Incubator, Giraffe* Warmer, Giraffe* Omnibed, and other compatible devices.

Ergonomic frame
In addition to easy, secure compatibililty with Giraffe* and Panda* iRes beds, Giraffe* Shuttle offers increased bed maneuverability to help ease the challenge of navigating through the hospital. It also features provisions for medical gas management—crucial for providing patient stability during intra-hospital transport.

Latex-free device
Giraffe Shuttle contains no latex, reducing the risk of exposing both infants and caregivers to a potential allergen.


Battery Specifications

12 volt, 42 Ah, valve regulated, sealed (nonspillable), lead acid battery quantity 2, connected in series

Mechanical Specifications

  • Height: 1367 mm

  • Width: 638 mm

  • Length: 890 mm

  • Weight: 126 kg

Input Power Requirements

VAC                     Voltage Frequency in Hz ±3Hz                           Max. Current (Amperes)
115 ±10%                      50 & 60                                                              12
220~240 ±                     10% 50 & 60                                                        9

Giraffe Shuttle Output Power

The maximum power output of the Giraffe Shuttle is 775 VA.

Giraffe Shuttle Output Voltage (Battery)

VAC Voltage                                     Frequency in Hz ±3Hz
115 ±5%                                                   50 & 60
230 ±5%                                                   50 & 60

While operating off wall power, input voltage and frequency is passed through the Giraffe* Shuttle. No power conditioning occurs. The Giraffe* Shuttle will generate AC power only if the AC main voltage drops below 50% of the input voltage.

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