Good obstetric outcomes start with accurate assessments. Corometrics* 170 Series monitors are designed to provide the information to make quick, accurate and cost-effective clinical assessments. These compact and lightweight monitors are designed to support you, from prenatal visits in the office or high risk pregnancy ward to labour and delivery in hospital.

The Corometrics* 170 series features Nautilus* watertight, lightweight Toco and 9-Crystal Ultrasound transducers for reliable and comfortable monitoring.


The cost-effective Corometrics* 170 Series Foetal Monitor are designed to help you make quick, accurate clinical assessments. It will be your best partner to monitor fetus during pregnancy and delivery helping you to:

Interpret data and make decisions with confidence:

  • Nautilus 9-Crystal watertight ultrasound transducer helps ensure excellent signal quality for quick FHR capture and reliable measurement 

  • Good twin management with offset and heart beat coincidence

  • Manual or automatic foetal movement detection SW 

Enhance comfort and safety for the patient and staff:

  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display for a user-friendly interface

  • Innovative 9-crystal ultrasound technology reduces repositioning of transducer

  • Same monitor from antepartum to intrapartum

Get smoother information flow from pregnancy through labour and delivery:

  • Enhance confidence and quality decision-making

  • HP protocol available by default for data transfer and archiving

Enjoy an exceptional return on investment:

  • Different configurations available to meet your needs

  • Use the same accessories on all the Corometrics* installed base

  • Connectivity by default


Innovative Corometrics 9-crystal ultrasound transducer

  • 9-crystal pulsed Doppler design

  • A wider focal region than traditional 7-crystal designs for more uniform coverage at greater depths

  • Helps ensure minimal repositioning, even for the most difficult to monitor patients

  • Signal consistency/uniformity as labour progresses

  • Quick FHR detection

Excellent twin management

  • HeartBeat Coincidence: visual and audible indications of synchronous signals

    • Helps differentiate between the two heart rates

    • Immediate notification of heart rate confusion on display, on paper strip, independent volume control

  • FHR Offset providing an easy visual distinction between heart rates


User-friendly interface and features:

  • Large, easy-to-read LED displays

  • Nautilus* watertight flat Toco & 9-crystal ultrasound transducer

  • Independent volume controls

  • Technique Pulsed Doppler with auto correlation processing 

  • HeartBeat Coincidence (HBC)

  • Heart Rate Counting Range 50-210 BPM

  • Heart rate offset

  • Remote event marker

  • Optional foetal movement detection

  • Foetal heart rate alarms

  • Optional FECG & IUPC capability

  • Dual digital interface to external monitors

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