Antepartum and High-Risk Pregnancies

High-quality antepartum care promotes exceptional outcomes for mothers and babies—and it’s essential for high-risk pregnancies. GE Healthcare brings you the power to closely monitor maternal and foetal well-being and to provide solutions—from information collection and assessment to imaging, vital supplies and more.


Bring your patients a complement of sophisticated resources for antepartum care and high-risk pregnancies:

Foetal & Maternal Monitoring
Bring your patients the benefit of GE Healthcare’s strong heritage and a commitment to foetal and maternal monitoring. By offering high technology solutions, GE provides flexibility and immediacy in assessment and documentation of vital maternal and foetal parameters to help you ensuring a personalized birthing experience.

Trium CTG Online
Trium’s innovative products and services support a solution for data collection, data transfer, analysis and visualization of all data monitored in Labor and Delivery.

Get the clinical imaging solutions that healthcare providers have trusted for three decades, GE Healthcare Ultrasound. From OB-GYN to general imaging to cardiovascular ultrasound, you’ll find trusted solutions.

Supplies & Accessories
GE Healthcare is known as one of the premier medical equipment companies worldwide, offering some of the finest technology available to healthcare professionals. Our solutions have been tested and validated for system compatibility, which helps ensure reliable parameter readings, the cornerstone for quality patient care. We research and deliver an innovative technology, offer improved ergonomics accessories and provide support during the life of the equipment.