Introducing B105 and B125 patient monitors from GE Healthcare

Presenting the simple, flexible and reliable B105 and B125 patient monitors delivering parameter technology you can trust.

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The B105 and B125 patient monitors deliver clinical performance you can trust. They are simple and intuitive for busy caregivers, flexible for diverse care areas and acuity needs, and reliable for challenging work environments. These advanced B1x5 patient monitors are equipped with parameter technologies and dependable features that empower you to monitor your patients with greater confidence.

B125/B105 monitors are portable multi-parameter units to be used for monitoring and recording of, and to generate alarms for multiple physiological parameters of adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients in a hospital environment and during intra-hospital transport. The device can be a stand-alone monitor or interfaced to other devices via network.


Simple and intuitive for diverse care area and acuity needs

With improved workflow and efficient operations, you can now elevate your monitoring capabilities to the next level.

  • Seven pre-configured workflow settings for simple set-up
  • Auto-snapshot of most critical alarms
  • Alarm reporting options for better alarm management and instant care in cases of arrhythmia, high/low blood pressure, and ECG-lead detachment
  • Convenient screen lock button for easy cleaning, maintenance, and transport
  • Capacitive touchscreen for fast response and enhanced user experience
  • Uninterrupted display of primary ECG-lead waveform and other vital signs across settings
  • Choice of numerical or continuous waveform monitoring
  • Large numeric mode that enables critical parameter visibility even up to 4 meters

Flexible for your busy staff

With flexible operations and versatile clinical capabilities, you can now deliver optimal care in various situations and workflows in the hospital.

  • ST Segment and full Arrhythmia analysis, SpO2, NIBP, IBP, RR, ECG, EtCO2
  • Additional parameter slot for upgradability and scalability for changing clinical needs
  • Optional thermal printer and additional screen for flexible usage
  • Flexibility to share parameter modules and accessories across GE patient monitors. For full list of accessories and modules, please refer to the S&A manual of the device.

Reliable and robust technology for challenging work environments

With reliable monitoring capabilities, maintenance, and service, you can provide the high standard of care that your patient needs.

  • Latched alarm system for dependable monitoring
  • Capacitive touchscreen tested for up to one million operations
  • Three-hour battery life to enable uninterrupted monitoring
  • Stable performance even in tough environmental conditions (+5°C to +40°C)
  • Advanced platform that records and stores up to 168 hours of monitoring activity across all parameters
  • Advanced algorithm for accurate analyses of up to 16 types of arrhythmia including A Fib

Reliable service

The B105 and B125 Patient Monitors are an extension of our mission to serve customers when and where they need us. You can rely on our support for queries or on-site assistance with dependable service for consistent and optimal performance.

Clinical Measurements & Modules

Clinical excellence you can trust

With over 40 years of innovation in parameter technology, GE Healthcare has been at the forefront of continuous research and development. A result of this is our diversified monitoring portfolio of cutting-edge products, equipped with advanced technologies.

B105 and B125 monitors’ key clinical measurement technologies:

  • ST segment analysis
  • Full Arrhythmia analysis
  • TruSignal* SpO2 technology, Masimo SETR and NellcorTM OxiMaxTM
    options available
  • IBP
  • RR
  • 3- or 5-lead ECG
  • EtCO2

Sidestream CO2 measurement with E-miniC Respiratory Module:

  • Real-time breath-by-breath inspiratory and expiratory CO2 values measured right at the patient’s airway
  • CO2 monitoring by the sidestream method, enabling monitoring of intubated and nonintubated patients


Flexible connectivity

  • Wireless connectivity for enhanced mobility across the hospital
  • EMR connectivity through HL7R outbound protocol
  • Connectivity to GE CARESCAPE network environment for monitoring parameters centrally
  • Flexibility to view parameters nearly anywhere, anytime via Mobile Care Web Viewer

Reliable connectivity

  • Upgraded cyber security by implementing WPA-Enterprise and WPA2-Enterprise for better data protection
  • Latched alarm system for dependable monitoring
  • Fast roaming across wireless networks within the hospital for data security

I/O connectors

  • RS-232 computer serial output
  • Defibrillation synch
  • Nurse call
  • USB port



*Trademarks of General Electric Company. Masimo and SET are trademarks of Masimo Corporation. Nellcor and OxiMax are trademarks of a Medtronic Company. HL7 is a trademark of Health Level Seven (HL7), Inc. All other third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.