Take full-field digital mammography screening directly to women who need it.

The road-configured Senographe Essential system helps you provide outstanding care anywhere your patients need it. Mobile mammography makes a difference by helping screening campaigns reach higher participation levels and make an impact on early breast cancer detection.

The Senographe* Essential is built for a robust, mobile platform designed to resist bumps, vibrations, and climate variations, while maintaining quality imaging. Using our digital mammography mobile solution, you can travel from town to town or site to site, with the goal of reaching more women for breast cancer assessment. 

Senographe Essential: product front left.


The Senographe Essential Mobile Mammography platform is:

Quick and Easy

  • You can transfer images digitally, so you won’t have to handle cassettes or process film on board.
  • You can review acquisition image quickly—and before letting your patients go home.
  • Since exam time is reduced by 40% (when compared to film screen mammography), you’ll have the potential to experience higher workflow capacity.

Beneficial to Your Patients

Your patients don’t need to travel far to get a mammogram. That convenience often equals increased compliance, which can lead to early detection and better outcomes.   

Beneficial to Your Hospital 

Taking mammography on the road helps your hospital improve community outreach and create a more robust patient database.


To create a system that works for you and your patients, we took steps to design an innovative mobile mammography program to help give you peace of mind.

First, we went through rigorous trailer validation to make sure the vehicle would meet our standards. Then we created the Senographe Essential kit and underwent design review. And finally, we incorporated the Senographe Essential mammography system and tested the offering.

The result was a truly mobile mammography system that brings the benefits of breast cancer screening to patients who might not otherwise receive care, letting you deliver the same exceptional care on the road that you do in your office or hospital.