GE’s IDI Mammography Workflow Solution is a comprehensive review system designed to enhance your performance through seamless connectivity, easy collaboration, and intuitive viewing and reporting.

Because the tools you’re given can affect how you work, we’ve designed the IDI Workflow Solution to help you work efficiently—and the way you want to. All workflow offerings provide DICOM connectivity for easy interface with virtually any PACS.

The IDI Mammography Workflow Solution can help enhance your performance through seamless RIS/MIS/PACS connectivity, easy collaboration, and review innovations, like automatic pre-fetching of prior exams, automatic scaling and aligning, and custom hanging protocols. The IDI Mammography Workflow solution also offers built-in flexibility due to its upgrade capabilities.

Clinician looking at three monitors using Mammography Workstation products to show clinical imagery of breasts


Seamless Connectivity

If you’re working with different breast imaging modalities, various patient management systems, or multi-vendor equipment, IDI Workflow Solution can help with features like:

  • RIS/PACS integration: it integrates with most RIS and PACS systems, providing up-to-date worklist and fast access to priors.
  • Automatic fetching of priors: for each exam in your worklist, it launches a search of corresponding priors and automatically fetches them.
  • Seamless collaboration: you’ll have access to clinical and image data from multiple locations.
  • Reading worklist generation: you can generate reading worklists via RIS, HIS, MIS, or when you complete exams at the modality.

Intuitive Viewing and Reporting

The IDI Workflow Solution takes image review to the next level with intelligent tools that help you move swiftly through cases.

  • Easily compare current and prior data cases: regardless of which equipment was used to acquire images, you can easily compare current and prior data cases through vendor-specific window-width and window-level presets.
  • View images from other modalities: you can view images from other imaging modalities, including FFDM, CR, DR, MR, and U/S, quickly and easily.
  • Leave image alignment and scaling to us: the system automatically aligns and scales images to fit your screen, from a variety of origins.
  • View patient information easily: the IDI Mammography toolkit puts a complete set of measurement, annotation, and viewing features at your fingertips.
  • Read quality images: with Premium View, you have an image processing algorithm that enhances the global contrast of a GE mammography image according to your preferences.
  • Annotate images as you view them: you can annotate images using sizable markers and pre-defined selections as you view them.
  • Make the keypad work for you: you have the option to move from a different view or patient, adjust brightness, zoom or reset view.
Mammography computer screens



 Image Presentation & Processing Technology

  • Auto-scale: Fits the largest breast into display viewport and scales other images correspondingly
  • Auto-align: Allows paired symmetric image alignment of mis-positioned breasts during acquisition
  • Auto-update: Newly arriving data (e.g. additional views, CAD) is displayed immediately
  • Automatic pre-fetching of prior exams: With a visual indication of the pre-fetching status
  • Image Folder: A thumbnail gallery gives an overview of all images available for a patient that are:
    • Automatically sorted in chronological order and laterality (along the horizontal axis)
    • Automatically sorted by image type, i.e. CC, ML, MLO, etc and mag, spot, etc (along the vertical axis)  
    • Check marked if reviewed in full screen mode
    • Hanging Protocols: Offers a fully customizable sequence of layouts
    • Fast stepping to next protocol layout
    • Linked Pairs: Lets you zoom in on and pan all images simultaneously with auto-alignment


Three monitors using Mammography Workstation products to show clinical imagery of breasts