Shatter diagnostic boundaries

The SIGNA* PET/MR combines the power of 3.0T with the next generation of PET technology.

The innovative SIGNA PET/MR features 3.0T magnetic resonance (MR) technology integrated with GE’s latest positron emission tomography (PET) technology. The simultaneous acquisition of PET and MR data enables new opportunities for clinicians. MR is excellent for imaging soft tissue as well as functional and morphological details. PET enables clinicians to visualize cellular activity and metabolism.

When you combine these two innovative tools, clinicians may be able to see early cellular changes before any anatomical changes could be observed and can then fuse the anatomical images and active biochemistry data together to pinpoint the area of abnormal cell growth. 


Turbocharge your diagnostic capabilities

The SIGNA* PET/MR features GE’s digital MR compatible silicon photomultiplier detector (SiPM) technology.

This new SiPM detector is characterized by it’s excellent timing resolution enabling Turbo time-of-flight (TurboTOF) reconstruction. A 25 mm depth LBS scintillator and 25 cm FOV provides exceptional sensitivity at 21cps/kBq.

The SIGNA PET/MR is designed to include active and passive thermal control, providing stability improving the diagnostic capabilities for the most demanding protocols and list-mode access to PET data for research.


Surpass traditional norms of quantitative reliability                                                         

SilentScan - a comprehensive set of sequences designed to generate high-resolution images with T1, T2, T2 FLAIR, PD-weighted and MRA contrast with sound levels that are within 3dB of ambient conditions

Magnet - utilizes the newest 3.0T magnet that offers a 50cm FOV with excellent homogeneity for excellent coverage and quality

MR RF Coils - the system includes PET characterized RF coils that have been calibrated and attenuation corrected for during PET/MR whole body simultaneous scanning. The GEM Suite of flexible coils are designed for MR imaging of smaller structures and patient comfort

OpTix Optical RF - offers high channel count, analog to digital-optical signal conversion where it matters - inside the scan room to minimize noise and signal degradation, but away from the patient

Gradients - and RF body coils are water and air-cooled for optimum duty-cycle performance, short repetition time (TR) and echo time (TE), producing sharp and clear images

SharpIR – an advanced in PET reconstruction that enhances visual contrast and resolution in PET images

PET Detector - a highly sensitive silicon photomultiplier tube (SiPM) is complimented with a 25mm deep LBS scintillator/crystal for photon detection efficiency. This includes the specifications listed below:

  • < 400ps timing resolution for fast TOF performance
  • 25cm axial FOV for sensitivity and coverage
  • 21cps/kBq for exceptional sensitivity


Reimagine the benchmarks for clinical flexibility and patient comfort

System Design - SIGNA* PET/MR is the first integrated, simultaneous and time of flight capable whole-body scanner.

  • 60 cm Patient Bore - with capabilities of scanning PET and MR simultaneously, potentially reducing multiple exams for patients
  • High Resolution in-Room Operator Control (iROC) - Fast exam set-up with high-resolution color console mounted on the front of the magnet. Easy to see patient system and scan information, and control and select parameters in real time right in the room.
  • Sleek dual-sided controls - Control the scanner from either side of the table. Simplify patient set-up with easy access to cardiac or peripheral gating leads and IV lines.
  • IntelliTouch Patient Positioning - Boost exam productivity with IntelliTouch patient positioning, by eliminating the need for laser alignment and reducing the steps to position patients in as little as 30 seconds.
  • Sophisticated LED accent lights - The parenthesis accent lights on the sides of the SIGNA PET/MR not only enhance the overall aesthetic beauty of the system they express the "caring hands" metaphor of embracing the patient in a comfortable experience.

The SIGNA PET/MR is designed to preserve exceptional gradient performance and to perform multinuclear spectroscopy while offering advanced MR applications, such as SilentScan, MAVRIC SL, PROPELLER, 3D PROMO, FOCUS, and other DV24.0 Continuum* Pak advanced applications.

PET-MR Coil Suite

              Central Molecular Imaging Array (CMA)2

         Upper and Lower Anterior Array (UAA and LAA)

                          HNU + UAA and LAA

                      GEM Flex Coil Package

                                  Head Neck Unit (HNU)2

                        8-channel Breast Coil2 (optional)

                           8-channel High Resolution Brain2

2. Characterized for PET Attenuation Correction

Clinical Images



Images are courtesy of Stanford,  University of Zurich, and University of California, San Francisco 

Images are acquired from an investigational device