In 2011, GE Healthcare embarked on the mission of Humanizing MR, focusing on what we could do to make the scanning experience more relaxing for patients. Balancing caring design with insightful technology, we launched the Discovery* MR750w and the Optima* MR450w. These wide bore systems include patient comfort features like a lighted, 70 cm bore; the GEM Suite of soft, flexible coils that conform to the patient; and a table surface designed to alleviate pressure points. We also introduced the Optima* MR430s, a dedicated extremity scanner where the patient reclines in a padded chair, putting only the targeted anatomy inside of the scanner. All three of these scanners are available in a Caring MR Suite1 – an environment that allows the patient to choose lighting, nature scenes and music to enjoy during the scan.

In addition to patient-centric systems, we’re also focusing on applications. Our Needle-Free Suite is designed to reduce the need for biopsy and the use of contrast and sedation during the scan. With fewer invasive needle pricks, patient comfort and safety are emphasized.

What else do we have in the works? Shhh! We’ve got a secret you’re going to want to hear. Stay tuned for future updates about what we are keeping quiet!

1. The Caring MR Suite is sold and installed by PDC Facilities, Inc.