Innova IGS 540 product

IGS for Interventional Oncology

Innova* Image Guided Systems (IGS) for Interventional Oncology provide excellent image quality with exceptional dose efficiency. Get excellent organ coverage for tumor embolization, ablation techniques, and 3D guidance. Our flagship Innova IGS 540 with the Innova CT option enhances soft tissue visualization for imaging of high- and low-density tissues, and our Veran** ig4 electromagnetic based navigation system lets you perform complex needle procedures with confidence.


Interventional Image Guided Systems

All the coverage, detail and advanced applications you need to see your way through virtually any interventional procedures are available with our all-digital imaging systems. Our wide array of field-tested and trusted systems help you obtain excellent image quality at a low dose.

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Clinical Tools

Helping you Plan, Guide and Assess your Interventions

Interventional oncologists are increasingly adopting proven, rotational 3D angiography.  And now, they can tackle even the most complex lesions with the integration of multimodality imaging.

Advanced tools from GE Healthcare include:

  • Rotational imaging with Innova CT
  • Multimodality Imaging with Integrated Registration
  • 3D Roadmapping with Innova Vision
  • Advanced Needle Guidance with Innova TrackVision
  • Advantage Workstation* (AW) VolumeShare Multimodality Workstation

To learn more about how you can benefit from the features offered by Innova, click to view any of these videos:

Thierry De Baere M.D. discusses using InnovaVision for a portal vein embolization. Frederic Deschamps M.D. discusses using Innova TrackVision to plan and guide needle trajectories.
Michael Ringold M.D. discusses using Innova technology to treat a hepatic tumor.


Trim Your Workflow

Tableside Controls: Simple. Centralized. Automated.

Control your system and images with Innova’s integrated, intuitive tableside controls. GE’s exclusive Send Angle feature automatically sends the gantry to the correct position helping to save time.

Facilitating 3D Guidance and Real-time 3D Navigation

A true multimodality workstation, AW makes it easy to plan, guide and assess treatments on the Innova. Designed to enhance Interventional Oncology workflow and capabilities, it lets you:

  • Register and compare 3D volumes from multiple modalities to increase the information available in real time during interventions
  • One-step overlay of 3D volumes from multiple modalities on live fluoro
  • Easily acquire large 3D volume for liver embolization in a single spin 

All in one Large Display Monitor

Increase size with zooming ability on the Large Display Monitor, which offers:

  • Display multiple images from multiple sources
  • Zoom in without loss of detail or pixilation
  • 120 customized layouts easily changeable at tableside

Clinical Images


Plan your cementoplasty with Trajectory Planning on AW Plan your portal vein embolization (PVE) with Innova 3D Plan your transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) with Integrated Registration


Guide your cementoplasty with Innova TrackVision Guide your portal vein embolization (PVE) with Innova Vision Guide your transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) with Innova Vision


Assess your cementoplasty with Innova CT Assess your portal vein embolization (PVE) with Innova Subtracted 3D Assess your transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) with Innova CT


Navigation System

Perform Complex Needle Procedures with Confidence

GE Healthcare offers the Veran ig4**, a needle navigation system that allows you to visualize the needle tip and path on a pre-registered image in real-time in 3D. The Veran ig4:

  • Enables out-of-plane approach for optimal trajectory
  • Does not require iterative location scans
  • Can help reduce ablation, biopsy and fiducial marker placement time
  • Assists in reducing dose exposure for you and your patient

The Veran ig4 system’s four-dimensional capabilities allow the system to capture and display three-dimensional images that take respiratory motion into account. You can take advantage of advanced visualization integrated with your instrumentation to provide real-time feedback – to assist with confidence in planning complex procedures.