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CentricityTM Clinical Archive Solution

A standards based Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA) and viewing solution

Simplify content management and distribution across the collaborative
care network.

Centricity Clinical Archive (CCA) is an open architecture vendor-neutral archive (VNA) solution that unifies and intelligently manages patient data, clinical images and enterprise content. Built on IHE – XDS and DICOM-compliant industry standards, Centricity Clinical Archive enables seamless connectivity among disparate systems across multiple archive systems, specialties and facilities.

Key VNA Benefits

Centricity Clinical Archive offers a powerful, multi-ology, vendor-neutral enterprise storage and workflow management solution that helps you:

• Lower cost by providing a consolidated view of medical imaging and clinical IT infrastructureCentricity Clinical Archive’s information repository helps remove redundant departmental archives and helps lower the IT infrastructure footprint.

Improve clinical workflow operational efficiencyCentricity Clinical Archive’s information repository and Information Life Cycle (ILM) management tools help reduce the operational overhead of maintaining disparate IT systems, as well as reduce training costs allowing CIOs and IT directors to get more predictable operational costs.

Improve patient care experienceCentricity Clinical Archive helps improve the patient’s care experience by enabling ubiquitous access1 to clinical records.

Foster informed decision makingCentricity Clinical Archive enables access to patient health records within the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). This critical access helps care providers make more informed decisions.

Improve productivity with easier information sharingWith ubiquitous access1 to a patient’s clinical information and a highly intuitive web viewer that makes it easier to search and access relevant information, care providers are able to increase productivity.

Reduce unnecessary exams & patient transfersCentricity Clinical Archive helps enable access to historical clinical information across the network (including radiology exams and reports). This full access helps physicians make more informed decisions before requesting additional imaging procedures and/or patient transfers.

1 Where an internet connection is available.

Centricity VNA Features

Centricity Clinical Archive is an IHE-compliant solution which consists of a suite of products and services designed to provide an end-to-end solution for information management. The solution consists of:

• Standards based storage across a multi-ology, multi-site clinical content repository that enables consolidation of IT infrastructure and departmental PACS systems for archiving and managing unstructured medical images, reports and documents using industry standards (DICOM, IHE-XDS).

• A diagnostic zero footprint viewer, supporting industry standards like DICOM and IHE-XDS for anywhere, anytime1 access to patient images and documents.

• An IHE-XDS (Cross Enterprise Document Sharing) registry that allows external systems to access patient record in a standards compliant manner.

• Dynamic and static tag morphing capabilities as part of the archive to manipulate content of DICOM tags in a study during archiving or retrieval.

• Information lifecycle management helping easily create, modify and implement rules to govern the management of imaging studies across the enterprise.

• A master patient index to link patient records across network boundaries.

• A messaging interface engine to combine clinical workflow systems like HIS and RIS to update information repository and keep information consistent across systems.

• A device interface engine to connect non-standard devices and systems to store data in the repository in a standards format.

1 Where an internet connection is available.

Centricity Clinical Archive with Media Manager

Every picture tells a story. And when it comes to your patients, capturing and documenting visible light images and video at every step of the workflow helps provide vital details of their care journey.

Media Manager is a mobile and web application that enables speedy acquisition and documentation of pictures, videos and documents directly from mobile devices or desktop PCs, reducing the documentation time per patient case, helping avoid missed patient data and enhancing staff productivity.

Media Manager offers intuitive patient barcode or MRN identification and initiates a guided workflow to document case attributes. Images in their native formats are automatically uploaded to the XDS repository which simplifies access to patient records, across the enterprise.

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