To address the healthcare needs of a growing global population, first we must reach them. The MAC 600 is lightweight and portable, packing ECG analysis into a compact system.

Get one of the leading clinical technologies, on-screen results that help save time, energy, and paper; and the diagnostic confidence that comes from Marquette 12SL analytical tools – all tucked inside a portable, easy-to-use ECG system.  


Easy to use 

  • Easier-to-use ECG technology helps clinicians test more patients in less time, increasing access to healthcare . 
  • The connect-and-click design allows for a fast, simple ECG process that lets you focus on diagnosis. 
  • Enjoy the intuitive keypad for simple, one-touch operation.    

 Clear display 

  • 12-lead colour display provides clear results review without printing.
  • On-screen Marquette* 12SL* analysis supports diagnostic confidence.    


  • At 1.2 kg, the MAC 600 is one of the lightest ECGs available. 
  • Long-lasting lithium battery can perform up to 250 ECG tests on one charge. 
  • SD card storage of ECGs (similar to a digital camera) offers easy, portable access to information. Simply take your SD card with you for fast download and printing from a secure computer.   

Expanded abilities 

  • Connect easily to the MUSE* (1) Cardiology Information System. 
  • Hookup Advisor* indicates accuracy of ECG signal quality, helping you to avoid repeats.   

1 May not be available for all the versions of MUSE; please contact your GE representative for the latest information   


  • Save ECG results as a PDF file, eliminating the need for costly proprietary ECG review software. 
  • Eliminate paper costs and storage issues.   


  • Energy-efficient lithium battery powers three hours of use on one charge 
  • Using the paperless on-screen review feature, the MAC 600 can allow to save paper 


Get ECG technology in a travel-sized package. 

The MAC 600 puts advanced diagnostic tools at your fingertips, enabling you to deliver one of the world’s best ECG analyses. 

  • With on-screen ECG results, you have the complete digital workflow that can help you diagnose patients faster than ever before. 
  • On-screen preview of waveforms and 12SL interpretation 
  • Get easy access to ECG test results – simply take your SD card (similar to a digital camera) with you for fast download and printing from a secure computer.     

Enjoy expanded abilities: scalable, searchable, capable 

  • By connecting to the CardioSoft* (1) ECG Viewer, you can transform your MAC 600 into a complete ECG acquisition and storage system 
  • Get access to thousands of ECG tests, searchable by patient. 
  • CardioSoft (1) is a completely scalable program, easily upgraded for expanded functionality and ECG workflow efficiencies.     

1 May not be available for all the versions of CardioSoft; please contact your GE representative for the latest information


The MAC 600 is a microprocessor-augmented automatic electrocardiograph offering 10-leadwire, 12-lead simultaneous acquisition with programmable lead configuration.   


  • ECG interpretation: Marquette® 12SLTM ECG Analysis Program for Adults and Paediatrics 
  • Computerized measurements: 12-lead analysis 
  • ECG analysis frequency: 500 samples/second (sps) 
  • Digital sampling rate: 2,000 samples/second/channel
  • ECG on-screen preview: On-screen preview of acquired 10-second ECG waveform and optional 12SL measurement and interpretation 
  • Acquisition mode: Pre-acquisition or post-acquisition, provide 10 seconds of instantaneous ECG acquisition 
  • Dynamic range: AC Differential ± 5mV, DC offset ±300 mV 
  • Resolution: 4.88 μV/LSB @ 500 sps 
  • Frequency response: –3 dB @ 0.01 to 150 Hz 
  • Low cut-off frequency: 0.01 Hz, 0.02 Hz, 0.16 Hz or 0.32 Hz (-3 dB limits) 
  • High cut-off frequency: Configurable at 20 Hz, 40 Hz, 100 Hz or 150 Hz 
  • Adaptive AC filter: 47 Hz to 53 Hz when set to 50Hz, 57 Hz to 63 Hz when set to 60 Hz 
  • Common mode rejection: >100 dB (with AC filter switched on) 
  • Input impedance: >10MΩ @ 10 Hz, defibrillator protected 
  • Patient leakage: <10 μA 
  • Special acquisition functions: Disconnected lead detection except RL, excessive AC noise, baseline wander and muscle tremor messages 
  • Heart rate meter: 30 to 300 BPM ±10% or ±5 BPM, whichever is greater. Heart rates outside this range will not be displayed 
  • Start-up time: Less than 7 seconds   

Patient Information 

  • Supported patient information: Patient ID, secondary ID, age, date of birth, gender. Alphanumeric entry in T9 type for patient ID and secondary ID.     


  • Display type: 110 mm (4.3 in) diagonal, TFT LCD with LED graphics backlit (colour optional) 
  • Display resolution: 480 X 272 pixels with scrolling waveform 
  • Display data: Heart rate, patient ID, clock, battery power indicator, waveforms, lead labels, speed, gain and filter settings, warning messages, information messages, prompts. 12-leads standard display. 

Software Standard

  • Resting ECG mode: Records and prints 12-lead resting ECGs with 10-second duration as a standard feature 
  • Hookup Advisor: Provides visual indication of signal quality 
  • Multi-language support: Supports 16 languages   

Software Options 

  • Measurement: Supports measurement with Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis Program 
  • Measurement and interpretation:  Supports measurement and interpretation with Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis Program 
  • Colour: Colour display 
  • External Storage: 200 ECGs in external memory (SD card) 
  • Transmission: ECG data transmission via serial cable 
  • EXM format: ECG storage in XML format
  • PDF format: ECG storage in PDF format   

Physical Specifications 

  • Height: 81 mm 
  • Width: 263 mm 
  • Depth: 208 mm 
  • Weight: 1.2 Kg including battery, without paper   



MAC 600 Brochure

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MAC600 Specifications

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