MAC 3500 is part of the MAC* family of resting ECG analysis systems.
Used for basic 12-lead resting ECG analysis, the MAC 3500 system delivers technology you need for reliable and accurate cardiac assessments. The MAC 3500 includes a common interface and intuitive operation that sets the groundwork for increased productivity and efficiency, all contained in an affordable and reliable electrocardiograph unit.


  • The computerized ecg interpretation – 12SL Analysis Program 
  • Hookup-Advisor for indication of poor waveform quality during ECG recording
  • Interface Options available for ADT and Orders Download from the Hospitals Information System
  • Easy to Use Interface provides users with fast access to ecg acquisition 
  • Preview Screen allows review of the ecg prior to printing, potentially saving paper 
  • Scalable software options allows the device to grow with your requirements


  • The system provides A4 paper, alphanumeric keypad, waveform display. 
  • Options include a communications package with modem, IR, fax and LAN capabilities. Optional external storage capability is also available.
  • Barcode Option available for automated scanning and download of patient demographics. 
  • The sealed keyboard creates an easy to clean surface to avoid contamination.
  • Optional communication package links to MUSE* cardiology and CardioSoft* information systems for increased functionality.