Since its introduction in 1980 the MarquetteTM 12SL ECG analysis program has been consistently refined and improved in order to offer our customers the best possible clinically validated decision support to achieve faster accurate diagnosis.



  • Exceeds current standards for 12- and 15-lead measurements and analysis
  • Provides accurate, validated measurements of heart rate, axis, intervals, and durations
  • Offers automated second opinion minimizing time spent over-reading ECGs
  • Offers ECG analysis including those for atrial arrhythmias, pace detection, and QT measurement
  • Offers quick quality check of ECGs (Hook-up advisor)
  • Offers gender and age-driven criteria for acute MI; utilized in pre-hospital defibrillators to identify clinically significant changes and expedite patient care in time-critical environments
  • Dedicated paediatric criteria
  • Supporting decisions on ECG across the care continuum




1. Marquette™ 12SL™ ECG Analysis Program Physician’s Guide 2036070-006 Revision C, 2010,  2012 General Electric Company.