Paediatric Cardiac CT with Revolution CT

"Excellent rapid scan acquisition in free breathing neonate with complex cardiac anatomy. Allowing accurate pre surgical diagnosis"

Dr. Ruth Allen

Clinical Case

Patient History

A 5 day old male infant (3 kg) with an antenatal diagnosis of complex congenital heart disease was referred to CT as part of their preoperative assessment.


  • 120 mm axial scanning without ECG gating
  • 70 kV and 149 mA using kV Assist and 3D dose Modulation
  • NI 9
  • ASiR™-V1 60% - Soft algorithm - 0.35 sec rotation speed
  • 6 mls of contrast media (300 mg/l) at 1 ml/sec
  • SmartPrep bolus triggering
  • DLP 8.81 mGy-cm (32 cms phantom)
  • CTDI 0.73 mGy


“The Revolution scanner allowed us to obtain excellent imaging for preoperative assessment and planning without requiring intubation and anaesthesia,including accurate assessment of vessel diameters.” 

Dr. Ruth Allen


The CT scan demonstrated double outlet right ventricle with transposed great vessels (Taussig Bing variant), both atrial and ventricular septal defects and hypoplastic aortic arch with large patent ductus arteriosus supplying the descending aorta

The infant initially underwent an atrial septostomy followed subsequently by operative treatment with coarctation repair
and pulmonary artery banding.