Optima CT540 is ready, when you are.

The Optima CT540 optimizes the patient experience while continuing to provide exquisite image quality.
It helps to answer your need for exceptional clinical results, a steadily increased volume of patient throughput, a focus on patient-centered tasks, and a reduction in unnecessary steps and tedious, time-consuming operations.

Moreover it is designed to provide a reliable CT solution for high quality diagnostic imaging at lower dose in:

  • Oncology
  • Angiography
  • Interventional
  • Emergency
ct 540 overview

Users benefits

540 combines your clinical expertise with a streamlined workflow continuum to help you provide the most reliable and consistent imaging results.
  • Simplicity – From the Default Patient Positioning to emergency CTs in a handful of clicks, from a real-time scout to smart-triggered contrast exams, the results are the same: consistent and reliable ease-of-use imaging solutions.
  • Patient care and comfort
    • Get more time with your patients, explaining the procedures & preparing for the exam
    • Helps to reduce the exam time for shorter breath holds & less patient stress
  • High image quality at lower dose - Diagnostic image quality for confident diagnosis at reduced dose with Dose management solutions and ASiR*. 
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  • Oncology – Detect, evaluate and follow up
  • Angiography - Speed and consistent quality with Xtream Injector for synchronizing injection and acquisition parameters
  • CT Interventional procedures in a split second - Advanced visualization techniques with real-time reconstruction and display capabilities
  • Emergency situation – Fast diagnostic output in an environment where seconds count.

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ct 540 benefits

Patients benefits

Improve patient comfort and experience

The Optima CT540 was designed to provide a new level of comfort for a relaxed scan experience:

  • Improve patient comfort during the scan procedure through optimized ergonomics on the scanner.
  • Helps to reduce patient stress Xtream Display allows the radiographer to set up the scanning protocols directly from the gantry in the scan room, enabling more time by the patient.
  • Fast diagnostic with high quality scans.
  • Lower dose diagnostic quality scans with Dose Optimisation Technology.
  • Detect small lesions using the Optima CT540 oncology capabilities.
ct540 patient benefits

Clinical evidences

Solutions and Services

We designed the Optima CT540 to help answer your clinical needs and we also provide a complete Service & Solutions offering to always enhance your daily experience:

services and solutions