Comprehensive analysis in a cost-effective system

The DPX* NT offers you a full-size, pencil-beam, bone densitometry system that helps you to cost-effectively protect your patients’ vitality. It comes with easy-to-use enCORE software applications that help enhance clinical efficiencies and promote precise, confident diagnoses of osteoporosis and fracture risks. A comprehensive suite of bone density applications, as well as total body composition analysis, helps to broaden your service offering.

Download the DPX NT Brochure (PDF).



The Lunar DPX NT offers you the following benefits:


The DPX NT provides you with a full-size, pencil-beam system that can fit inside an eight- by 10-foot room. It also offers features to  enhance clinic efficiencies, delivering value to your practice and patient care. 


The DPX NT offers a full suite of standard bone mineral density applications, such as AP and lateral spine, DualFemur, forearm, total body, pediatrics and orthopedics. It also provides you with total body and body composition assessment capability.


The DPX NT offers comprehensive body composition analysis, backed by the following features: 

  • Full-size, pencil-beam system
  • Comprehensive suite of BMD and total body composition tools
  • Enhanced connectivity and productivity solutions, including:
    • SmartScan: Automatically recognizes anatomical landmarks and maps out scan path, minimizing acquisition time
    • OneScan: Performs AP Spine and DualFemur exams without requiring patient repositioning between scans
    • Composer: Customizable, automated reporting to help manage patient care 
    • Connectivity tools: Transmit data where you need it with DICOM (IHE compliant), HL7, MUDB, and TeleDensitometry
    • Remote service support

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View scanner dimensions, software features, minimum room dimensions, and other detailed specifications.

Download the DPX NT Brochure (PDF).



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