Digital precision and simplicity are integrated into the Aisys* Carestation*.

The Aisys Carestation is an anaesthesia delivery management system taking the clinical world by storm. It is more than a solution. Our most advanced Carestation, the Aisys Carestation performs like a vigilant partner, managing routine and critical perioperative tasks without tiring so you can:  

  • Focus on the patient 
  • Use your time more efficiently 
  • Improve your workflow
  • Provide solutions that require less maintenance

The Aisys Carestation is designed to help you plan for the future while protecting your investment. Aisys has brought emerging technologies into everyday practice, including Et Control** (target control for volatile anaesthesia and patient oxygen) advanced ventilation modes, lung ventilation procedures and paediatric capabilities. 




** Aisys with Et Control option is not cleared or approved by U.S. FDA. Et Control is not available in all markets

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Anaesthesia Drug Delivery

Address your most pressing challenges

Whether you practice inhalational anaesthesia, intravenous anaesthesia or regional anaesthesia, it is important to optimize the delivery of the volatile, hypnotic, and opiate drugs to the patient.

GE Healthcare’s new product innovations are specifically designed to assist the caregiver with this vital task. The Aisys Carestation is supported by all the strengths and benefits of GE.

With breadth and depth across healthcare, energy, sensing and information technology, GE leverages expertise in a broad spectrum of technologies to innovate solutions that anticipate your specific needs.

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