The Aestiva* MRI is one of the few MRI-compatible anaesthesia systems with a fully functional, integrated ventilator.  

Validated for use in the MRI environment (300 Gauss, up to 3T active shielded magnet), the Aestiva MRI uses the same interface and software as its operating room counterpart, the Aestiva 7900.


Aestiva MRI


The Aestiva* MRI is a flexible solution for clinicians.  It has a compact size, small footprint and integrated breathing circuit so it can easily be moved between MRI suites and operating rooms.  

The Aestiva MRI also:

  • Uses the SmartVent 7900 ventilation technology offering volume control ventilation with tidal volume compensation, pressure control ventilation and electronic PEEP.
  • Offers the optional support modes of Pressure support and Synchronised Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation.  


The Aestiva MRI features

SmartVent Ventilator

At the heart of the Aestiva is the convenience, efficiency and accuracy of the SmartVent ventilator. Offering both pressure and volume control modes, the easy-to-use SmartVent enables the Aestiva to ventilate a broad range of patients: trauma, compromised and routine cases. Some of SmartVent's many features include:  

  • The pressure control mode lets you choose a target pressure and deliver the tidal volume for the desired time and pressure selected, a mode previously reserved for ICU type ventilators.
  • The volume control mode with compensation delivers the tidal volume you set regardless of the changes in the fresh gas flow and airway pressure.
  • An innovative compensation system helps provide consistent delivery of set tidal volumes by automatically adjusting for changes in fresh gas flows, small system leaks, changing lung compliance, or compression losses in the ventilator, absorber and bellows.
  • The integrated, calibrated electronic PEEP helps maintain PEEP stability and accuracy. If breathing gas leaks are present during exhalation, SmartVent will add more gas to keep PEEP at a consistent level.
  • SmartVent's intuitive user interface helps make ventilation more convenient and accurate for both routine and challenging applications.  

SIMV and PSVPro*

SIMV and PSVPRo modes help expand the capabilities of the Aestiva MRI system and help simplify the care for a broad range of patients.  

  • Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) provides a set number of ventilator-delivered breaths per minute, allowing the patient to breathe spontaneously between the mandatory breaths.  
  • Pressure-Supported Ventilation (PSVPro) is designed to complement SIMV by assisting the patient's spontaneous breath. With PSVPro, the ventilator delivers a set pressure when the patient takes a breath; the patient, who must take a breath for the ventilator to provide support, controls the rate, volume, and timing of the breath.



Product Literature

Aestiva MRI Anaesthesia Delivery System Brochure

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