The projected growth of 40% for breast imaging procedures in the United States1 during the next decade will be just partially compensated by a 2% increase in the specialized resources.

IDI MammoWorkstation is a dedicated breast image review and data management solution with enhanced diagnostic and integration capabilities. IDI MammoWorkstation enables radiologists to easily analyze the relevant breast images and data with the aim to establish confidently their diagnostic and to share promptly their findings with other healthcare practitioners. 

advanced visualization mammo workstation clinical.


  • Proven multi-vendor capabilities
  • Dedicated automatic hanging protocols
  • Fully customizable keypad
  • Straightforward in-image structured reporting
  • Thorough navigation through all CAD markers with CADInspector
  • Smart mammo tools as Linked Pairs, SpotLight & CrossLink
  • Specific support for Contrast-Enhanced Spectral Mammography & Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
  • Flexibility in designing complex collaborative reading patterns

1. Sg2 Outpatient Cancer Services 2011 report.


  • Automatic scale and alignment of paired data
  • Customizable sequencing of layouts for optimal comparison of current & priors through dedicated hanging protocols
  • Vendor-specific contrast & brightness pre-sets automatically applied for optimized visualization
  • Various  zoom configurations can be applied simultaneously to multiple Linked Pairs images
  • Post processing tools:
    • Spotlight optimizes the contrast of a region of interest
    • CrossLink delineates the most probable area in one incidence corresponding to a position marked in the other projection
  • Ability to organize specific exams as Case collections
  • CAD Inspector: navigation through all CAD markers and display of the corresponding magnified area in a pop-up window
  • Creation of a DICOM structured report by direct annotation of a finding’s type, position and diameter

Note: Some features may be subject to a recent 510K pending at US FDA.

System Requirements


  • Two Intel** Xeon** processors
  • One TB hard disk
  • Eight GB RAM

Operating System

  • Windows** 7 64 bit


  • One mega-pixel color display for patient and report management
  • Dual 5 mega-pixel black & white displays for mammography image review

Intended Use

IDI MammoWorkstation is designed to assist radiologists in conducting primary diagnostic review for diagnostic and screening mammography through flexible and interactive manipulation of multi-modality softcopy images.

It provides image review, manipulation, analysis, post-processing and printing capabilities that support image management display needs in the medical environment.

It gives easy and economic access to and display of multi-modality softcopy images, structured reports, and CAD results through interfaces to various image storage devices using DICOM or similar interface standards. It supports creation of structured reports according to the DICOM breast imaging report templates.

It supports teleradiology and teleconferencing providing access to multi-modality softcopy images and structured reports in multiple locations within and outside the hospital.


Digital Mammography Workflow
The testimonial of The Park Breast Care Centre, The Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. The first UK site with full digital Breast Services integration.

The mammography practice of The Park Breast Care Centre has succeeded in undergoing not one, but three concurrent challenges: the change of location, the transition to digital as well as their integration to the new IT infrastructure. Trish Heath, GE Mammography Specialist shares her experience in understanding the expectations of all staff involved in order to achieve a smooth and unique solution.

"To answer The Park Centre's well-defined tender specification, we built a multi-disciplinary team with competencies ranging from digital technologies to patient workflow and service management. We realized their project needed more than just putting together high quality products, but required a complete personalized approach. I really think that GE's active listening and engagement to identify the best options have been decisive.

The Park Centre's management understood we were there to support them along the entire project, to seek and find the best suitable solution whenever any difficulties were encountered. 

It has not been easy but in the end has been fascinating and rewarding for both teams involved. It remains an exceptional achievement, not only in terms of technical performance but also from the human relations perspective."
Trish Heath, GE Mammography Specialist

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