Clarity. Choice. Convenience. Volumetrix* MI nuclear medicine application delivers all three by incorporating two powerful software packages:  Volumetrix 3D and Volumetrix IR. The combination allows you to perform multiple types of procedures using only a single application.

Volumetrix 3D adds the convenience of advanced 3D visualization to the productivity and ease of 2D image analysis. Volumetrix IR offers you the choice of registering virtually any CT to the SPECT data, without leaving the NM workflow. 

So with the two software packages working together, you can get improved image clarity, the choice of CT to enhance SPECT studies, and the convenience of optimized registration in follow-up exams.


  • Evolution Toolkit (option) - A package enabling improved resolution and reduced noise for SPECT studies of Tc99m, I123, In111, Ga67 by the use of the Evolution reconstruction technique with resolution-recovery. Compared to standard FBP or iterative reconstruction, Evolution Toolkit can enable improved visual clarity.


A consolidated tomographic data viewing and processing package for SPECT and PET data processing with or without anatomical data (CT or MR), capable of Multi-SPECT sessions pasting, follow-up on multiple studies and input of anatomical oblique slices. Its Integrated SPECT reconstruction and correction algorithms include interactive selection of optimal image reconstruction parameters and Hybrid QC (ACQC) tools to help improve alignment of SPECT and CT data sets for accurate attenuation correction and localization.

  • Inputs anatomical oblique slices and features on-the-fly oblique creation/manipulation 
  • Facilitates dual isotope and study follow-up reading and accepts multiple SPECT, PET, CT and MR datasets 
  • Supports standard uptake value (SUV) calculation and display mode for PET (LBM, BSA, & BW methods) 
  • Flexible and user customized layouts 
  • Auto Condense mode to automatically condense slices to fit on one screen for printing or filming 
  • Multiple fusion modes, including weighted fusion, which allows the user to shift between the contribution of the PET and CT image to the fused results 
  • CT and PET images retain resolution 
  • Fast CT scroll

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