Specialized Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) methods such as diffusion weighted MR (DW-MR), dynamic MR, spectroscopy, and functional methods have evolved to the point where they are able to provide unique measurements of tissue properties. 

A multi-parametric MR approach generates zones within a lesion that reflect heterogeneity and often display characteristic patterns. These attributes have proven to be useful in the diagnosis of tumors, monitoring tumor growth, and guiding biopsies. Consequently, multi-parametric studies are often used in stroke diagnosis and in the diagnosis of cancer related lesions. 

While extremely useful, quantifying the information from multi-parametric studies can be very challenging and time consuming. 

READY View clinical image

READY View helps you get the most from multi-parametric exams by enabling analysis of MR data sets with multiple images for each scan location. The platform offers a combination of protocols, applications, and tools that help you make quantified analyses of multiple data sets quickly and easily. 


  • Guided workflows to help analyze MR data. 
  • Customizable workflows and application with adjustable layouts, personalized parameter settings, custom review steps. 
  • Accessible from PC, laptop, PACS/RIS workstation for streamlined workflow. 
  • Provides additional clinical information through time curves and color parametric images. 
  • Provides protocols for multi-parametric data processing. 
  • Enables fusion of color parametric images with anatomical 2D or 3D images with simple “drag and drop” method. 
  • Enables MR to MR image registration to reduce patient motion effects. 


  • Analyze any of these MR data sets: 
    • Time series
    • Diffusion weighted scan
    • Diffusion tensor scan
    • Variable echo imaging
    • Blood oxygen level dependent imaging
    • Spectroscopy (single voxel and 2D or 3D CSI)
  • Simple workflow for manipulation of images such as Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP), Multi-planar Reconstructions (MPR), 3D rendering, and to process and fuse functional data. 
  • Select and process functional data with One Touch single click capability. 
  • READY View automatically selects the most relevant protocol for you. 
  • Easy-to-use slide bars let you calculate and/or segment parametric images in real time. 
  • Access to AW Volume Viewer and its capabilities.
  • Anatomy-based protocols enable placement of intermediate points when needed. 
  • Streamlined workflow for increased efficiency and diagnostic confidence. 

System Requirements

  • Volume Share 5 or above
  • One or two display monitors
  • Certain functions require BodyView and BrainView, MR Standards, and SER
  • IR fusion is a prerequisite

Minimum hardware required:

  • HP Z800: 12 GB RAM or above
  • HP XW8600: 12 GB RAM or above
  • HP XW8400: 12 GB RAM or above

Intended Use

READY View is an image analysis software that allows the user to process dynamic or functional volumetric data and to generate maps that display changes in image intensity over time, echo time, b-value (Diffusion imaging) and frequency (Spectroscopy). The combination of acquired images, reconstructed images, calculated parametric images, tissue segmentation, annotations and measurement performed by the clinician enables a multi-parametric analysis.

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