GE Healthcare Colon VCAR ECColorectal cancer is a major health concern for both men and women. Recent studies conclude that early detection of colonic polyps can reduce the mortality rate of colon cancer. You need a protocol that lets you quickly and accurately detect and report results of CT colon scans; a program that optimizes your workflow and improves your reading productivity.

Colon VCAR EC gives you a comprehensive reading workflow solution for detecting colonic lesions with flexibility and efficient performance. With it you can visualize anatomy that would otherwise be obscured by tagged fluid. Plus digital contrast agent filter highlights potentially suspicious regions.


  • The program allows you to read and problem solve in 2D, 3D, or 360 degree dissection views.
  • Prone/Supine polyp linking provides quick navigation between datasets.
  • Digital Contrast Agent (DCA) provides automatic visualization of shapes characteristic of polyps.
  • Electronic Cleansing (EC) subtracts tagged stool and fluid, making it easier to identify lesions.


  • Prone and supine synchronized reviewing for problem solving.
  • You synchronize prone and supine navigation based on polyp bookmark location and distance from center line.
  • Provides you with quick, easy to use polyp and center line measurement tools for complete reporting.
  • You can leverage any combination of synchronized 2D, 3D, and 360 views.
  • Dissection views make primary reading and problem solving more efficient.
  • You can vary navigation speed.
  • Lets you track entire colon from rectum to cecum for thorough, precise exams.
  • You are provided with unrestricted viewing angles of all colon surfaces.
  • You can apply color to bookmarked lesions for better visualization.
  • The program allows you to assess luminal, mural and extracolonic anatomy and pelvic structures.
  • A selection of application-specific tools ensures ease of use and thorough exams.
  • Your workflow benefits from fast, interactive electronic patient reporting.

System Requirements

Intended Use

Colon VCAR EC is a CT image analysis software package which allows the visualization of 2D and 3D medical image data of the colon derived from DICOM 3.0 compliant CT scans for the purpose of screening of a colon to detect polyps, masses, cancers, and other lesions. It provides functionality for 2D/3D rendering, bookmarking of suspected lesions, synchronized viewing of the 2D, 3D and 360 dissection views, and an object oriented endoluminal display. In comparison to Colonoscopy, this tool has an advantage of depth penetration due to its 3D presentation capability. It is intended for use by clinicians to process, render, review, archive, print and distribute colon image studies. The Colon VCAR DCA (Digital Contrast Agent) module is an automated highlight feature for the visual identification of spherical structures within the colon and is intended to be used as a concurrent reading device. Digital Contrast Agent is a 3D filter that produces images that highlight spherical anatomical regions, such as polyps, and/or stool. Colon VCAR uses color to display these highlighted spheres. Images are made available to the physician to aid in characterization of potential polyps and thus, the patient management care decision process.

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