Course Director:

Mark Murphey, MD, FACR
American Institute for Radiologic Pathology

Continuing Education

3 Days




Course Overview

This three-day educational course is designed to provide the practicing radiologist an intensive hands-on experience in the technique and the interpretation of MR imaging of the knee, shoulder, ankle/foot and hip. The course is focused toward the nonmusculoskeletal-trained radiologist responsible for interpretation of these often complex examinations.

The attendee will have the opportunity to review and interpret over 100 musculoskeletal MR examinations on a FUJI Synapse workstation under the supervision of expert faculty. Through participation in multiple scan interpretation sessions, including a detailed review of the key findings, each attendee will develop a higher level of expertise and confidence in evaluating MR of these various joints.

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the normal appearances of important anatomic structures on MR imaging of the knee, shoulder, ankle/foot and hip.

  • Identify abnormalities involving the menisci, cruciate ligaments, collateral ligaments, extensor mechanism and osteochondral structures on MR imaging of the knee.

  • Recognize important MR imaging features of rotator cuff tears, glenoid labral injuries and their clinical implications.

  • Detect common abnormalities of frequently injured tendons, ligaments and osteochondral structures on MR imaging of the ankle/foot.

  • Recognize important imaging features of avascular necrosis, labral tears, femoroacetabular impingement syndrome and traumatic injuries on MR of the hip.

Target Attendees:

# of participants:
Maximum 35