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Excellence in Patient Relations for Physicians:
Effective patient care not only considers the patient and families as customers but also requires physicians to think and act with empathy and compassion during every patient encounter. Competent care takes into consideration factors like communication, health beliefs and awareness. This one day course will help physicians understand their patients as clients in a healthcare setting, and identify their impact and contribution on improving the overall patient experience. Participating physicians will work on creating a more ‘human’ culture and will learn how to take a more collaborative and engaging approach with other caregivers to present a more enhanced patient service.

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Maximum 20

English & Arabic


The course is designed to introduce the deeper concept of creating a comprehensive, positive experience for the patient and their family members in healthcare organizations. As physicians hold a key and respected roll in all healthcare organizations, their understanding, participation, driving of engagement and role-modeling key behaviors is essential. Once physicians are familiarized with the concept of Patient First, they will also participate in identifying areas for improvement and support that can potentially become organizational change and development projects.

The seminar will use interactive discussions, videos, and case studies to engage the participants in assessing their own institutional practices and culture and generate ideas for development and improvement. This program applies to all physicians who are involved with patient care and/or who lead teams and departments who have direct contact and impact on the patient experience.

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