Continuing Education

1 Day

Healthcare Executives



Excellence in Patient Relations for Leaders:
This one day course is designed to help healthcare leaders understand the importance of their role in the overall provision of quality healthcare services, that go beyond clinical excellence and well into excellence in the overall patient experience. Participating leaders will work on creating a culture of compassion, empathy and service with a smile among their teams. In addition, participants will be exposed to different methods that help them instill a more collaborative and engaging approach among staff members in order to enhance the overall patient experience in their institutions. This will be done through the introduction of various tools and techniques required to implement such a cultural change necessary to enhance the overall patient experience, and ultimately enhance the patient’s satisfaction with the care received.

Course Objectives:

  • The role of leaders in creating a patient experience - friendly atmosphere.

  • Patient experience starts with the employee experience

  • Deriving the patient experience values from the hospital’s vision & mission

  • Enhancing empathy and compassion - A how - to guide

  • Discuss various tactics to improve the employee and patient experience.

  • Eliminating barriers that impede performance and affect the patient experience

Target Attendees:
Healthcare Executives, C-suite, Clinical and Administrative Managers.

# of participants:
Maximum 20

English & Arabic


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