Continuing Education

1 Day

Healthcare Practitioner



MAC 5500 HD Resting ECG System - Training Course:
The MAC* 5500 HD Resting ECG System is designed to cover the system setup, and operation of the ECG MAC . The objective of the course is to give the necessary instruction on how to operate the ECG system in accordance with its function and intended use.

At the completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Verify the system components: hardware, writer, acquisition module, barcode reader

  • Identify the function keypad

  • Acquire a 10 seconds resting ECG test

  • Acquire a continuous rhythm test

  • Access file manager to print an ECG Test, edit, or transmit manually to MUSE system

  • Access the order Manager Folder to download order list

  • How to use barcode reader to pull out order

  • Identify and verify system setup

Target Attendees:
Health care practitioner who uses, maintains, or troubleshoots this equipment

# of participants:
Maximum 8