Equipment & Technical

5 Days

Biomedical engineers



Securing the Healthcare IT Environment
This instructor-led class is specifically designed for technical professionals responsible for the secure transport of protected electronic health information across healthcare IT infrastructures. This class is taught by experts in the healthcare IT field and topics include:

  • A global security overview

  • Relevant HIPAA Title II Privacy and Security Rule information

  • The top 10 Healthcare IT network attacks and ways to prevent them, strategies to mitigate risk

  • Securing a home network

Hands-on labs include:

  • Password cracking

  • Configuring biometric identifiers

  • Encryption

  • Port scanning

  • Using network analyzers

  • Software firewall configuration

  • Performing an MD5 Hash

  • Home router configuration Participants will perform a risk analysis of medical devices using MDS2 documentation and ACCE/ECRI tools.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Essentials of Healthcare IT or equivalent

Target Attendees:
Biomedical Equipment Technicians, Biomedical and Clinical Engineers & Managers, Medical Technology Managers, Hospital IT Staff

# of participants:
Maximum 10